Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just messing with the heavy bag.....

Guess what I will have waiting for me when I get home tonight???

My very own Heavy Bag!!!!  WOOO HOOO!!!

When I found out from a friend that her kickboxing/karate school was selling their used heavy bags at a huge discount, I jumped on it!  I have always wanted to own one for home to beat on practice on, man I am super excited!  Luckily my husband was on board, in fact plans on using it himself!  Since my daughter is starting karate (little dragons) classes in the next few months, I thought it would be good for her to practice at home too!

Thanks Mindy for letting me know about it and Eric for bringing it out to me!!!!  You guys ROCK and made my week!!!! I OWE YOU!!!

Foods for today

Pre-breakfast:  Click protein drink on the way to work
Breakfast: Whole wheat waffle with peanut butter and banana slices, the other half of the banana made into a peanut butter/banana yum!

Lunch:  tuna salad on a whole wheat sandwich thin, and Snapea Crips (baked peapods).  These babies are amazing!  It's a great healthy alternative from chips.  A lot of times I crave something crunchy with a soft sandwich and these are healthy, flavorful and good for you!  You need to try them.  I find them in the produce section of my supermarket, Trader Joes, and Job Lot also sometimes carry them. Do it.

Snack:  orange & cottage cheese

Dinner:  Paula Deens Pulled Pork on a whole wheat sandwich thin.  It's in the crock the house smells amazing!

I will be eating dinner later than usual tonight as I have to food shop for our upcoming camping trip!

Have a great night!!

Question:  How often would you use a heavy bag if it were in your house?

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