Friday, May 11, 2012

Getting Started....

Well, I am looking for a place to record my martial arts training, food habits & share recipes, talk about family and raising a young daughter.  Let me start out sharing a bit of my background...  I am 39 years old, a Mom to a beautiful 5 yr old girl, married for 13 years, and a black belt in Ty Kwon Do.  I am now studying Tang Soo Do here, I have been taking the CDF (Cadio Defense Fitness) mostly a kickboxing type class there for a while now and just started taking their karate classes because I missed it.  It has been over two years since I've studied martial arts because I just couldn't find a school I really felt comfortable in.  I really enjoy this school, the instructors are great, and the students are like a family (which is what my school was like I trained in for my black belt).  It truly does make a difference in your overall training if you love your school!

Over two years ago I had weight loss surgery because I had got obese and could not lose the weight on my own no matter what diet I tried.  I would lose a few pounds here and there but never kept it off, I would yoyo back and forth.  Anyone that has delt with weight problems can certainly relate I bet.  So, when my doctor told me I had less than 3% chance losing 100 pounds (which is how much I needed to lose) on my own, I was mortified.  I was also told that I would have diabetes in less than 5 years.  At that point thinking of my daughter and not wanted to be a Mom that could not play or run around with her, I knew something drastic HAD to be done.  I asked my doctor about weight loss surgery.  I was told that I would not be a candidate for the lap band because I was a "sweet eater" (addicted to sugar).  What I needed was gastric bypass surgery.  I went to the weight center I was referred to and after a year long wait and going through classes, therapists, and learning how my body would be changed forever, I had the surgery.  It saved my life and changed my life for the better.  I have now lost over 100 lbs and I am now maintaining my weight.  It will be a battle for the rest of my life, but I will NEVER go back to being obese again!

Nutrition....  I am now out far enough from surgery that I can eat everything in small amounts.  I have to be super careful with sugar because I am still addicted and could easily allow too much.  If I eat too much sugar, I feel terrible, sometimes so bad I have to lay down.  It makes me feel sick to my stomach and I remind myself why I needed this surgery.  I try to live with balance.  I try to eat the best I can 80% of the time.  Protein first, then vegetable, and limit sugar and bad carbs, and drink lots of water!  I do still have the occasional piece of chocolate (like my title suggests, I am also a chocoholic!)  I will always be.  If I am smart about it, I can still live in balance with chocolate!

I'd like to stay accountable here, and share some ramblings and info I learn along the way.

Do any of you find a balance with eating right and still indulging, and what do you do?

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