Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Day in My Tummy

On my way to work, I usually have a "protein coffee"  more on that later...love those. You need to try it, keeps you satisfied for hours! no lie.

BUT, I had been fortunate enough to get my hands on some Click Protein !! Well, got my Mom & myself some for Mother's Day (she's a fan too). So proud of my Mom, she's lost over 80 lbs and is doing such a incredible job!  She says I am her inspiration, but really she and my daughter are mine.

Ok, back to Click....it tastes like a Mocha coffee drink from Starbucks but better for you!  I love it hot and cold, today I had it warmed up......yummmmmm!  It's INCREDIBLE on ice too.  Next week they are starting to sell decaffeinated Click!  So, now I can have it at night!!!  WOO HOOOOO!!!!!!

A couple hours after that, I had a apple cinnamon Chobani greek yogurt and some Fiber One cereal in it (for crunch).  It tastes like apple pie!  Really. It. Is. Good!
I forgot to take a photo of my lunch, but I had 3 homemade meat balls in sauce on a whole wheat sandwich thin. 

Just about an hour ago, I ate a juicy orange.  Tonight is my two hour workout classes, so I am having one of these for dinner.
I am ALWAYS hungry after working out for two hours so I am sure I will have something when I get home, probably a protein shake, or a banana with peanut butter. (love peanut butter.....drool!)

Oh, I saw this the other day and thought it was cute! ;)

Have a great day!!

Question for today?

Do you have a favorite Protein Drink?

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