Friday, May 11, 2012

Last nights work out

It was grrrreat!!!!

I can't even tell you how much I love being back in Martial Arts again!  So, I took the kickboxing class and then the karate class after.

I love that every single class if different and yet you get such a great workout!

Kickboxing Class: So we did a lot of drills and cardio along with push ups, squats, jogging.  But my favorite part of the class was when we had to knee the pad holding onto the person (for control), while another person was pushing us with another pad.  It was supposed to simulate a real fight and the chaotic-ness that happens ( a real fight is not neat and clean).  It was a great workout...  took me a while to catch my breath after my turn!

Karate Class:  Even though I have my black belt, I still am learning a whole new style, so I am considered a white belt here.  I do line up with the black belts though and wear my black belt since I earned it.  So, because I just started these classes at this school a week ago, I am still getting looked at pretty funny by some of the other students.  Yea, that's me lining up with the black belt, but when they say "beginners go here", I go.  I am happy to and love learning and going over all the basic stances, kicks and punches.  Even though, I know them it doesn't mean I can't use the basics again....we all need to go over basics now and then.  So far, I've been to 3 of their classes and I am having such fun!  Last week I started nun chucks and I am super excited about that because I have never learned a weapon before. They alternate each week weapons and sparring (my favorite thing!!!).  They do self-defense and forms, cardio and conditioning in every class but weapons and sparring are alternated each week.  I think that's cool.  So, this week I sparred for the first time in ages.  I love it and I am so psyched to do it again!  I just need to get used to the mouth guard again, as I can't stop gagging! :)

I left the Dojo feeling great, I can't wait for next Tues.  I have to miss Saturday morning this week because my daughter has recital pictures.  Life happens.

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