Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day at Sturbridge Village!

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a fantastic Mother's Day!  My sisters, my daughter, our old family friend took our Mom's to Old Sturbridge Village.  We first had reservations for brunch at Oliver Wright Tavern.  I have to say, we all agreed that it was one of the best buffet brunches we have ever been to! 
The best dish I had on my massive plate was the roasted turkey.  All of us were raving about it.  It must have been brined, because it was so moist and succulent as well as full of flavor.  It was my fav!  As you can see my eyes were obviously bigger than my stomach, but I wanted to try a few bites of everything.  I didn't even make a dent in the amount of different foods that this buffet offered.

My daughters plate was a waffle loaded with candy and some grapes.  She enjoyed the buffet as well.  She really liked that the chocolate fountain dessert table has marshmallows, so she could get some for her hot chocolate!
After eating, we went into the Village to walk around.  I don't remember going there before, but my sisters remember going when we were young.  I may have been too young to remember.

There was so much to see, I want to go back when we have more time in the morning.  Since our reservations for brunch was at 1:30pm, by the time we were done and went to walk around, it was getting towards the end of the day there.  Even still we had such a great time, and being all together was a treat.

It was really neat to go for a stagecoach ride around the common.  My daughter could not believe that this was how people traveled before cars!
These lambs were just born weeks ago, one was one week old and one three weeks old.  We also met 4 sheep that were all pregnant and ready to give birth at any cool!  We saw pigs, cows, chickens and cattle as well.  That's my favorite part as well as speaking to all the period actors about their daily tasks.

We had a great day!

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