Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Grilled Cheese Please!

We had a Grilled Cheese Bar Birthday Party for a Co-Worker Today!

It was so much fun!  We all brought in something to share and set up the "make-your-own" grill cheese bar:

We had awesome tomato basil soup (best in the world!)
2 to die for salads!
4 kinds of bread: Marble Rye, Wheat, English muffins, and Italian
4 cheeses: Fontina, American, Munster & cheddar
toppings included: bacon, tomatoes, avocados, pickles, smooshed blackberries & ham

you got to choose your bread, toppings and grill it yourself!  We had a blast.  Here are some photos from this cool event!

toppings and cheese spread

tomato soup! YUM!!

OK.  I could not help myself and wait to take a photo before having a bite out of this....Wheat bread, fontina cheese, smooshed blackberries & basil...OMG!  You need to try that! Go. Do it.
This sandwich was inspired by this website How Sweet It Is

All the beautiful, talented ladies I work with!
another creation, marble rye, fontina cheese, tomatoes, avocados, & ham!

There I am with the Birthday Girl!

Thank you to all the fabulous ladies for your help with this and all that came out to party today!

Next time bloody Mary's instead of the soup.....well, maybe in addition to...that soup was good! :d

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