Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fouth Of July Festivities Recap

We had a wonderful Third & Fourth of July, despite being without hubby who had to work.  My daughter and I headed down to Marshfield to my friend Kathy's house, who I've known since 6th grade!  She lives a block away from Rexhame Beach where they have loads of excitement every 3rd & 4th of July.  She holds an annual cookout with over 100 of her closest friends and family.  It is always a great time.  This year was no different! 

Tuesday morning, my daughter jumped out of bed saying, "today is the day right??"  see she had been looking forward to this since her first time down last year for the 4th.  For about a week, she had started to gather her clothes and beach toys that she wanted to bring.

So, breakfast then off we went to Marshfield!  We arrived close to 10am which was perfect.  While my friend did her last minute prep for the party later that day and errands, we headed to the beach and my friend met us there later.

digging in the sand
The ocean was surprisingly warm, quite a nice surprise since my daughter loves to play in the water with her Muddah!  We stayed at the beach a few hours when my friend and her family came to join us.  Then we headed back to shower up and get ready to party!  My daughter loves that they have an outdoor shower there, so cool to a "country kid".  Funny to say that cuz we really do not live in the country contrary to what my city friends think!  (just cuz I have a pig farm on my street...geez!)

After that we went to pop over to see a friend of ours from way back, we hadn't seen him in over 20 years....God we are old!!  It was great to see them, they are visiting for the week from Colorado.  I can't believe I didn't think to take a picture of all of us while we were there. Oh well, Jason & just means you have to visit again so we can take a photo next time! Back at Kathy's people started to arrive in droves.... kids, families, friends, friends of friends, teenagers... all brought food & drinks to feed an army!  I think it had to be one of the largest amounts of people in a small place I'd seen in a long while.  And when you were in her back yard and looked around to all her neighbors, they all were having large crowds over too!  Kathy and her family are so generous to open up their home and share this great country's birthday party and host it every year at their house!  So many great people, great times!

smile ;)

After dark all the glow stuff came out for the kids
and sparklers!!!
No place but Marshfield does a better job with fireworks, they are all around you.  I've never seen so many before in my life.  They also have these lanterns that they let go (wish I thought to grab a photo for you), they were beautiful!  After staying the night there, the next morning we woke up to a clean house!  See, these 16 year old elves, daughters of a friend of Kathy's had their wonderful Dad drive them to Kathy's at 6:30 AM to come and clean up from the night before.  What great kids are these and their Dad for getting up and driving them over!  He snoozed in the truck while they cleaned even!  I came downstairs to see them scurrying around cleaning and doing dishes and one was even cooking everyone pancakes!  You ladies rocked!!!  Once, we I  had 4-5 cups of coffee and a little something for breakfast it was just about time for the annual kids parade and games/cookout on the beach!  My daughter was super excited, this was her first time in a parade!

Then down to the beach for hot dogs on the beach and seaside games.  This year was high tide so there wasn't room for as many games as they usually play, but the little kids were having a blast and I think only the adults noticed the other games were missing.

We played egg toss!  I dropped the egg, so my daughter won she said! I lost!

She got many ribbons from Kathy for her egg toss and decorated bike!
sporting all her ribbons!

Thanks again to the Leonard Family XOXOX, you all know how to throw a Fourth of July party and thanks for sharing your home and beach with us who don't get to the beach very often.  Just being near the ocean has always been very therapeutic to me.  Happy Birthday America!!!

How did you spend your 4th of July??

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