Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Overcome Self Sabotaging Behavior

I have to admit to you, I have been having a hard time lately with self sabotaging behavior when it comes to my diet.  I have been doing really well most days during the week, but in the evenings and especially on the weekends, I just blow it and feel out of control at times. 

I started reading about Self Sabotaging Behavior, but most of it says things like low self-esteem, or you don't believe you can get to your goal.  I don't think that's me, I've got there before and gained so I KNOW I can get back.  And if you know me personally, you'd know I was not the type that didn't think I deserve it!  But, for some reason, I do not pause and have a little (inside) conversation with myself before I go to grab for that box of crackers at 9:30pm.  Why?  Not sure.  But I found some advice on Anne Berry Hill's website that I really liked and wanted to share with you.

Tools to Overcome Self Sabotaging Behavior

1. Identify the feeling that IMMEDIATELY preceded the stumble. Were you feeling angry, frustrated, powerless, overwhelmed, undervalued, rebellious, tired, lazy, resentful? It is so important to be brave and honest enough to look that emotion in the face. It is a huge part of the discovery process.
2. What situation(s)  initiated that feeling you discovered above? Did you have an argument? Are you overwhelmed with your responsibilities? Financial pressures? Trouble at work? Kids got you pulling your hair out? Any one of those situations could evoke a strong emotional response.
3. Why did you start this program? Or, why do you start it over and over? What result are you striving to achieve? I mean, is it just weight loss? Or is it to impress someone? To get someones attention? Is it to be perceived by people a different way? Or simply to look and feel better in your body? Why is this question so important? Your reason for starting this in the first place has to be big enough. So when the emotional life trials kick in to low or high gear, your reason better be a pretty strong one to weather the storm.

In other words, is your goal REALLY your goal? This is how you can tell. In that split second moment of decision, and you say to yourself, “Do I want this (INSERT CRAPPY CHOICE HERE) right now? Because if I do it, it means that I want that more than I want my BIG GOAL/REASON. Let that settle on you for a second. Choose 1 way and get 1 result. Choose the other way and get a different result. Never shall the 2 intersect.
In the end, the actions you take are the TRUEST measure of what your real goals and desires are.

So true.

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