Thursday, July 26, 2012

Things that make me smile...

1)      My family laughing together

2)      Hearing my daughter singing when she doesn’t think anyone is listening

3)      Making smores on the campfire

4)      Walking into the house after a 2 hour kickboxing/karate workout completely drenched from sweat, feeling powerful

5)      Baking with my daughter like my Mom & Nana did with me

6)      Sitting on my deck on the weekend drinking coffee before anyone is awake

7)      Watching my Mother & daughter make real hot cocoa together, like my Nana did with me - special memory

8)      Taking a nap with my snugly kitties

9)      Drinking a glass of wine, and laughing with my friends

10)   Swimming with my daughter

11)   Hugs

12)   Watching my daughter on stage for the first time

Question - What makes YOU smile?

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