Monday, June 4, 2012

World Champion Lauren Kearney

Our karate school was lucky enough to have World Champion Lauren Kearney ISKA World Champion in Weapons, winner of twelve Grand Champions, Best All Around Girls Black Belt Youth, Youth Overall Girls Weapons and Forms Champion. Just to name a few...
She came to teach a class on Bo.  I was a little apprehensive since I have never even held a bo before and was afraid I might hurt someone else or myself!  But I got there an hour before the class with Lauren, planning to take the kick boxing class before her seminar.  Since I was the only one who showed up, my Instructor (knowing I had never held a bo, and was taking the seminar) kindly had me work with the bo for that whole hour before.  He showed me how to hold it, do basic attacks, and had me spin it in every direction.  I dropped it A LOT while spinning it! I actually found out that I was much more coordinated with my left hand.  He had me work with a really heavy wooden bo that was making me use my muscle much more.... his evil plan since I wasn't doing the cardio and strength training drills we normally do in the kickboxing class.  So, when it came time for Lauren's class and I borrowed a "competition" style bo, it was SO much was a relief!

Lauren was amazing, you could tell she had unbelievable patience, especially for a girl in her 20's teaching the children's class first, and then another hour to the adults after that!  I really didn't feel as "green" as I thought I might.  And to my relief, didn't feel like I dropped the staff more than everyone else...even still I did a bunch of times! She did a fantastic job at going really slow at first and breaking down the moves, then as we understood them, and felt more comfortable, learning to use more force and speed behind them.  She walked around answering questions and helping those that were taking a little longer understanding (one was me!).  She was classy, mature, honorable, everything you would imagine a World Class athlete would be...or hope them to be!  She truly was!  She told us her Mom who coached her used to tell her she could not put a move in her form until she could do it 10 times perfectly!

She even ran past the hour and then even stayed for questions and autographs.  She had brought photos, but also signed people's bo's or whatever they requested.  She listened to everyone that spoke with her,  like you were the only one in the room.  She also did a bo form for the children at the end of their class and one for us without the bo as well. 

Here is an example from UTube of one of the moves she taught the "double double":

Here she is competing at Diamond Nationals 2007

She ROCKS the Bo staff!!!  Thank Lauren!  She even knew my original instructor John Payton who was a former member of the team she represents "Team Paul Mitchell", and from whom I received my black belt in Ty Kwon Do.

If you ever get a chance to train with it. you won't regret it. (period)

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