Friday, May 11, 2012

Today's Eats

I try to eat every 2-3 hours to keep myself on the right track and not to make unhealthy choices

Breakfast: Sorry, I didn't snap a photo of my breakfast this morning, it was sooooo delicious!  It was a spinach & cheese omelet.  I told my hubby that this is what I wanted for Mother's Day since it was so good.  He and my daughter are planning to make me a breakfast in bed anyway, so why not put in a request, right??  I just hope it's not too early and I get to sleep in at least till 8am! ;)

Lunch:  Again was yummy...  It was a grilled chicken breast with cheddar cheese, sliced tomatoes and avocado on a low carb whole wheat wrap.  I couldn't believe that I could almost eat the whole thing.  It is definitely going to keep me full for a while which I am glad about!  I need to eat more food that are dense proteins like that.  The longer it takes my body to digest the longer it takes for my body to feel hungry again.

Afternoon Snack:  I plan to have an orange later after a cup of decaf tea and maybe some water.

Dinner:  I am not sure, I have to food shop tonight.  I probably will pick up a easy frozen pizza for the family, and maybe a salad with some rotisserie chicken on it for me.  They get sick of chicken and salad... I don't usually.

What do you like to get for dinner on food shopping nights that is super easy??

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