Monday, May 21, 2012

Fly Away Beautiful Butterflies!

Our butterflies hatched this weekend! First we noticed just one....
and soon.....

they all were hatched!  We never really saw them crawling out of their cocoons, they were just there next time we walked by and happened to peek!  We gave them some orange slices and sugar water, which the kit said they really like.  I never saw them near the water, but I did see them on the orange a few times.  I ended up taking the water out of their enclosure because I could not find the directions on how much water to give them, and was terrified that if I gave them too much, I would find one floating.  So, I just gave them the orange slices after that!  I did not want to have to explain them beginning and ending a life in the same day to my daughter!

After a couple days, we decided to let them go live outside in our garden.  I've been told that a lot of times they will come back to your yard too.  I hope so, I feel like these little guys are our family!  ;)

Right away one flu right out, but the other 4 needed to be assisted.  We ended up pushing the bottom of the enclosure up to assist them into flight.  They must have really been happy in there!  It was a really cool experience for my daughter to see them change from caterpillars to cocoons to beautiful butterflies!


Today I am struggling with feeling very hungry... can't stand those days!  Here's what I've got planned. 

Pre-Breakfast: Hot Click Protein drink
Breakfast: Blood orange chobani greek yogurt, fiber one cereal sprinkled in for crunch
Lunch: ham & cheese on a whole wheat sandwich thin, peanut butter crackerful a little while later
Snack: orange may have a banana too
Dinner: Mexican chicken (basically like chicken parm but with salsa and mex cheese), green beans, salad
Snack: frozen Yasso greek yogurt bar

Make it a great day!!

What do you do on days you don't want to over eat but feel hungry all day?  Any tips?  (I try to eat salads, because I can chew a lot and feel like I am feeding that craving to eat a lot of food!)

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